Business leaders complain that their technology experts “don’t understand our challenges.” In turn, those experts complain that the business leaders “can’t tell me what they need.” It’s a common problem that empoweringLEADERS helps you resolve.

What’s at the heart of this issue? Communication. Both sides want to understand, but it can be like they are speaking different languages. This communication gap doesn’t just affect a company’s top and bottom line. Miscommunication is also the source of personal and professional frustration.

Great technology leaders have closed this gap, but little is documented on how they did it. empoweringLeaders LLC leverages our 30 years of research and leadership experience in the technology field to develop a new collaborative approach for business and technology teams to produce as one high-performing team. Our approach is centered around three key elements:

  • Consulting – We understand that your focus is on real business opportunities and achieving business goals. Our methods use those real world opportunities to enhance business communication and leadership capabilities while you achieve those goals.
  • Co-Learning – Rather than focusing on “training,” our systematic roadmap helps your technology professionals quickly identify areas in which they can improve and accelerate their adoption of new skills and approaches. We also encourage your leaders to engage alongside with others to “co-learn” together in order to accelerate the adoption of their approaches throughout the organization.
  • Coaching – Constructive feedback and support is essential for true sustainable growth and transformation. While some leaders may be hesitant to talk about themselves, we offer technical professionals the support they need to discuss what holds them back from embracing the changes that their “head” understands.

Using these elements, we’ll develop a personalized plan for your company that combines industry standards and proven methods to create a successful, and sustainable, business environment.