Development for Technology Leaders

Individual leadership development is the heart of our services. Why? Because the best predictor of a company’s success are its leaders. Leaders manage successful employees. Leaders forge strong partnerships. Leaders discover new markets. Leaders develop effective practices and processes. And most important, leaders offer others the help they need to ensure your company’s success.

Coaching is a fundamental part of our program. Each client is paired with a coach who is committed to unleashing his or her leadership potential. The coach develops a personalized plan designed to refine the “soft skills” that technical leaders need for success. Some may need to refine their listening skills. Others should practice negotiation tactics. Whatever the case, coaching’s sweet spot is its customization.

What also makes our coaching program unique is the strong relationship leaders form with their coaches. Our coaches aren’t just clients’ teachers. They are their sounding boards. They are always available to answer questions and discuss difficult topics in a safe environment. They have been there in technology line roles and understand the real and imagined challenges that are faced each day. In an unpredictable business world, that kind of communication is invaluable.

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