Management Hygiene: Feed The Bear

Coaching Focus: observe

“No Surprises” … 

A basic element of any effective management system is “No Surprises.” “Simple, but not easy” does not even start to describe this critical part of your Management Hygiene. In fact, I have used a fairly graphic way of describing it to leaders, probably driven by where I now live.

Our street in Virginia has a rhythm of what are politely called “Bear Interactions,” the largest in our area… and our area has the most in the whole state. So we regularly have a bear walk past our house. In fact, recently, we observed not 1… or 2… we had 3… on our deck. They were small, but like surprised leaders, they can pack a wallop…

… they are hungry, and smelling food, see if the doors are open for an easy way to fill up. When they are full, they sleep and are pretty docile. The trick is to know where they are on that curve when you observe them. No surprises. In management, I call the process of ensuring that everyone is aware of what is happening up and down the chain “Feeding the Bear”. If you keep them fed with enough of the right information, they will be mostly docile… and if not… well, the picture will show you what claws look like when they are out 😉

What are you feeding your Bear?

The trick of “Feeding the Bear” is observing what they want to “eat” and the Rhythm of how often. I have found that a simple 3-heading report that accompanies your 1-1’s tends to work well. First is “Accomplishments” – to be separated from “Activities”. Yes, you may have DONE a lot, but did you actually ACCOMPLISH anything? Next is “Opportunities,” – otherwise known as where you could potentially use some help. The trick here is to get the Bear to help you in areas that… they are good at… and, more importantly, in areas where you WANT them to help. Finally, is “Plans” – what you anticipate doing for the next period.

Boring Status Reports keep the Bear docile…

In a perfect week, you cut and paste the Plans from the last period to Accomplishments, and there are no Opportunities. And then there are the real weeks 😉 That is the “Simple” part – the “not easy” is there are things you DON’T need the Bear involved in… at least not yet… so observing how much rope you want to give yourself until… well that is mixing metaphors. It is why this element of Hygiene is all about observing the patterns that have worked for the Bear… and often realizing that other peers are actually MUCH better about Feeding than you are. Here again, the relationships you have with them and others help ensure your “safety.”

… and a record for your Self-Assessment

A by-product of this approach is at the end of the year, you have a nice stack of things that you will have forgotten you even did… when you write your year-end Self Assessment… which of course you do… right? Even if THEY don’t ask for it, I always did it… and of course, updated my Resume so I had it fresh yearly for another element we will discuss here.

Systematic reporting moves the needle for the organization

And I always had my teams do the same reports. They then roll up what they and their teams did, so the whole process produces a weekly/biweekly/monthly report in which everyone can observe their part in driving the results, critical for driving high performance.

And your 1-1’s get richer...

As with the 1-1, many leaders say “oh yea, my boss knows what I am up to”… and when I ask how… a similar blank stare as before often is looking back at me. Queue the hungry bear at the door

If you want to learn more about Feeding the Bear, read this post titled Rhythmic observation. It’s from a week of stories about Management Hygiene with the master of Rhythm, Bo Diddley, providing the soundtrack. . You can also sign up there to receive daily or weekly updates with new articles on LeadingWithMusic.

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