Development and Coaching

Individuals are at heart of leadership development. But effective teams are essential for true organizational change. This is why we offer comprehensive team leadership development programs.

empoweringLeaders LLC brings team members together to address critical business issues while increasing teamwork at the same time. Typical issues teams face every day such as managing workflow, developing strategies, or achieving benchmarks help the team evolve into a high performance team. This approach solves real world problems and results in teammates who really know how to work well together.

Below are samples of services and approaches we typically use for bringing teams together. Additional programs and offerings are available based on your needs:

    • empowering Strategic Alignment: Our strategic alignment services will help you develop or modify your company’s vision, mission, strategic goals and objectives, core values, and performance measures effectively. The secret is attaining alignment and support of a strategy across an organization and encouraging a strong sense of ownership that lives beyond the boardroom.
    • empowering Team Effectiveness: empoweringLeaders LLC knows what teams need to achieve success. Using a structured research and prioritization process, we work with teams to help them meet business requirements through a series of effectiveness sessions. We also give you a personalized “toolbox” of resources you need to keep your team strong after our sessions end.
    • empowering Flawless Execution: Combining individual and group discussions with case studies and exercises, we help team members develop execution approaches to maximize success.

Each of these offerings is enhanced by coaching for each team member to support them in growing and changing as needed in order to be outstanding team mates. Consistency of practice and language across all teams ensures that these changes and approaches scale easily, even across large geographic teams.


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