The Tech Leader’s Compass:
Guides For Your Leadership & Career Journey

These guides contain tips that have been handed down for decades. They have been curated and designed specifically to help you as you seek to achieve new heights of in your professional and leadership growth. Each has been selected to provide you with key advice to assist you with personal growth and refinement of your leadership and managerial style.

This collection is used routinely with a variety professionals across a wide-range of stages of career development, to include technology executives, front-line managers, MBA graduates, and all of our workshop participants and coaching clients.

Our hope is that they will help you address some of the common challenges we all face in navigating work-life balance, career transitions, team communication, relationship building, and keeping your schedule on on track in today’s fast-paced and dynamic technology-fueled business environment. 

Direction Change

Job Search Guide: Why am I doing this?

Topic: Reflective strategies for career advancement.
Growth: Reassess your career goals and strategies, a crucial exercise for anyone looking to grow or shift their trajectory in the tech sector.
Focus: wonder from our empower framework.

~ 3 minute read.

New Job Guide: Setting Out On The Right Foot.

Topic: Building strong foundations in new partnerships or roles.
Growth: Navigate the initial stages of partnerships or leadership roles effectively, avoiding common pitfalls for long-term success.
Focus: partner from our empower framework.

~ 3 minute read.

Go Further!

More Guides for your Professional Journey...

Focus: Continuous learning and personal development.
Growth: Explore a curated selection of leadership and business books, a treasure trove for those committed to lifelong learning in leadership.
Focus: renew from our empower framework.

~ unlimited reading…

Designing Your Life Workshop

Rethink Your Career Journey


Business Communication: Can you hear me now?

Topic: Enhancing communication skills in managerial roles.
Growth: Improve your communication prowess, crucial for successful leadership and team management in the fast-paced tech industry.
Focus: manage from our empower framework.

~ 4 minute read.

Management Communication: Feed The Bear.

Topic: Implementing 360-degrees of effective management practices.
Growth: Understand the importance of ‘No Surprises’ in management and learn how to maintain a healthy and predictable management style.
Focus: observe from our empower framework.

~ 3 minute read.


Time Management: The Ideal Work Week.

Topic: Mastering time management for effective leadership.
Growth: Discover how to optimize your week for maximum productivity, a critical skill for tech professionals managing numerous projects and teams.
Focus: execute from our empower framework.

~ 3 minute read.

Task Delegation: From A to Z.

Topic: Mastering the art of delegation for effective leadership.
Growth: Learn the key to scaling any business through effective delegation, a vital skill for leaders in technology and beyond.
Focus: engage from our empower framework.

3 minute read.

This collection of resources was hand-selected and tailored to offer key advice for growth and refinement of your leadership and managerial style. They are based on our proprietary empower framework.

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