Our services are broken into three different levels of involvement: individual, team and organizational.

When You Should Call Us:

  • A team of technologists is coming together to tackle a new market.
  • A team leader is open to leadership development training.
  • A leader’s peers and managers are supportive and help him or her make clear goals and milestones to measure success.
  • A team has between six and nine months to measure results effectively.

When You Will Probably Call Us:

  • A project that is late because of communication problems or a poor partnership.
  • A team of technical leaders don’t have the skills to bring in the business results you need.
  • A team has really smart members, but they don’t “play well with others.”
  • A team is frustrated because business leaders don’t give them enough requirements.
  • A team doesn’t receive clear feedback on what is needed to achieve success.

What Will Happen Either Way:

empoweringLeaders LLC will customize our proven process to help your company:

  • Discover real solutions to the real problems you face.
  • Tailor a systematic process for achieving personal and professional success.
  • Establish effective management practices that produce excellent results.
  • Identify top talent and coach them.
  • Coach teams through difficult processes.
  • Leave you with the methods needed to ensure sustainable business success.



Our Service Offerings